Episode 5: Arkansas

This week, Amy Lassiter and Robert Zadotti joined Katie and Ryan in a courtroom drama in Arkansas involving mishandled public funds, a pug named William Stanaforth Donahue, and a daring prison escape.

Featured in the opening of this episode is NJ-based parody musical artist Carla Ulbrich, who will be joining Katie and Ryan in a future episode coming out this April! Keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, check out Carla’s work on carlau.com and follow her on Twitter @carlaulbrich.

Amy Lassiter is the technical director at Rutgers Cabaret Theater, and Robert Zadotti is the managing editor of The Verge at Monmouth University. You can find Amy on Twitter: @yellowpikmins, and Robert on Twitter: @robboisms. You can also learn more about Rutgers Cabaret Theater at cabarettheatre.org, and read The Verge at theverge.monmouth.edu.

Headline: www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/offi…ticle-1.3495919

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