Episode 6: Nebraska (Featuring The Puffin Publishing Podcast!)


Special guests Kevin Lanigan, Justin Germeroth, and Vern Tooley of the Puffin Publishing Podcast joined Katie and Ryan this week on a journey to Nebraska, where they learned about the influence of “big corn” and participated in the sub-legal massaging of a horse. Click the image to listen on Podbean!

The Puffin Publishing Podcast is a monthly improvisational comedy podcast that takes place in a fictional universe where history’s greatest authors all exist at the same time, and all work in the same publishing house. You can listen to this wacky show & subscribe on iTunes, or find it wherever you get your podcasts. You can also learn more about the show on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Kevin and Justin of PufPubPod can also be found on Twitter at @TVsKevinLanigan and @squidicalinking, respectively.

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