Meet the Team


Katie Lassiter, Co-Host and Producer: After many years of only being able to entertain/harass the people in her immediate vicinity, Katie is simply delighted to have discovered the ability to entertain/harass the world at large through the medium of comedy podcasting with Local To Nowhere. When she’s not producing this show, Katie can be found working as a freelance video producer/editor, acting onstage in plays like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” or musicals like “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” writing thriller novels, or, most likely, petting her cats and reassuring them that she loves them more than Ryan does.




Ryan Fleming, Co-Host and Producer: After a series of casual suggestions that his wife, Katie, took way too far, Ryan found himself working on this podcast. He’s an aspiring author (sending out that manuscript anyyyyyy day now), screenwriter, and small time actor. He’d like to apologize to his cats for locking them in the bedroom every time he records Local To Nowhere.